You've reached the new website, currently under development, for the NC High School Tennis Coaches Association.

While we do not yet have all the content we hope to have, the membership registration process is now live, and coaches can "officially" join the NCHSTCA by clicking on the "Join NCHSTCA" tab and following the prompts.

Dues, as adopted by the Board of Directors at its June 2023 meeting, are as follows:

  • One-year membership - $10.00
  • Three-year membership - $25.00
  • Lifetime membership - $100.00

All dues payments are handled via credit or debit card, online, via the Stripe payment processing system.

Once you join, officially, you'll get access to coaching resources and news about NCHSTCA business, plus tools to comment on articles shown on the website, to submit articles of your own, and to vote in our state polls. The extra articles under "Coaching Resources" are not yet fully fleshed out, but they're coming as fast as we can generate them.

So, we encourage you to join the NC High School Tennis Coaches Association, and once you do, submit an article about your team, or a coaching resource you think other coaches would benefit from. We really intend for this website to be a collaboration of the coaching community, with content generated by coaches from all across the state.

And, by all means, once you join, complete the 2023 New Member Survey, found under the "For Members Only" tab.

Join us in making high school tennis stronger and better for students and coaches alike.

See you on the courts.

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