Here are some quotes on strategy from people I respect. These “rang true” for my many players in many matches.

  • Find out what your opponent can’t do, or doesn’t like to do, and make them do that.” –Jack Kramer
  • Don’t change the “line of the ball” unless you are sure you can make the shot. Otherwise, cross courts “ad nausea.” Two-handed backhand down the line shots will “slide wide” too often, believe me –T. Parham.
  • When asked what he would do differently, Ken Rosewall replied, “I would hit a lot more balls cross court.” Cross courts get you out of trouble. Jim Verdieck demanded the cross court ball from his team.
  • Get yourself in a position to “volley away from the source” –Jim Verdieck. 
  • Any ball hit extremely deep in either corner allows a good attacking possibility –Jim Verdieck
  • The simple strategy of tennis singles: “Attack the short ball” –Dennis Van Der Meer.
  • Good approach shots make easy volleys –Jim Leighton.
  • No shots in “no man’s land” is a myth –T. Parham.
  • Rule 1: Find a good doubles partner. Rule 2: Get along with your doubles partner.

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