Author's Note:  I am currently working with about 15 middle school and high school players.  I have both girls and guys.  Their seasons have now wrapped up.  Some had successful seasons and others did not.  Below are a few of my takeaways from the season. 

1. My players do not know how to warm-up properly. This is a time to get loose, gather information about your opponent and begin to formulate your match plan of attack. This is extremely important and must be accomplished.

2. Doubles play has to be better. Teammates have to work together and know where each other are all the time. Communication is an absolute must! They hit way too many forehands and backhands, play one up and one back and are not proactive in their play, just reactive. Get your serve in, get to the net and Put Balls Away!!!

3. My players are not playing to win. They are playing not to lose. They rarely play the way we practiced. Again, this cannot happen. I and my players work and train way too hard to have this happen.

4. Changeover routines have very little focus or consistency. Changeover routines are designed to settle players down, regroup and adjust match game plans. Use the time wisely and constructively.

5. My players have to get better at learning from both wins and losses. Winning and losing in tennis can be agonizing for players and coaches. Coaches and players should spend post-match time dissecting and understanding what went well and what didn’t in their matches.

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